About me

Thank you for visiting my blog! I would like to introduce myself to you.

Let’s start on a first name basis: my name is Bianca Hessing. I  live in the Netherlands, in the city of Tilburg (in the south of the country, near Belgium). I’m  married (21 years and happily counting…) and have a lovely cat. I enjoy spending time with friends, I love to read, go to the movies, visit exhibitions. I love to travel: citytrips to London, and holidays to Ireland and Scotland as well.

Since my childhood I am fascinated by history. I grew up in a small rural village. When I got my first library card and was allowed to go to the library by myself, a whole new world opened up to me. There was so much to read and to know. It allowed me to ‘travel’ outside the village, and more important, it allowed me to ‘travel’ through time. Although I pursued lots of other interests as an adolescent, it was the spark for a lifelong love for history.

I went to college in Utrecht, and I do have an academic degree in History. However, I never had a professional career as a historian. I really liked studying history and art, but finding a job in it proved hard. Now I have a dynamic parttime job in Logistics/Supply Chain, something quite different, but I like it nonetheless. In my spare time I spend a great deal of time on history. My interest has not faded at all, it seems to grow, actually. This means that currently my interest in history is a very big hobby. I visit cities, sites, castles, museums, exhibitions as much as I can, either in the Netherlands, or somewhere in Europe. I like to call them ‘cultural adventures’, because that is what it feels like to me. It’s neverending, surprising, and it takes you away from your daily life routines.

I started this blog to express my love for medieval history. I want to explore, discover, learn and observe as much I can. By no means I would consider myself an expert in the field, although I sincerely hope to gain new knowledge, and even better, meet like-minded people. The blog in itself is an adventure: I will just see how it will develop and continues to grow.

I choose to write in English for several reasons. I enjoy the English language very much, and I would like to practice a bit in English writing. I believe my English is understandable enough for the average reader, although not perfect. Also, I hope to attract like-minded readers worldwide, who just love history and art as much as I do.

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Hi! Nice to meet you.