About Medieval Monologues

Please allow me to explain a little more about Medieval Monologues.

When did it start ?

Are you one of those people? In love with all things medieval: from gothic windows to illuminated manuscript, from crusade to pilgrimage, from knigth to serf. Mesermized by crumbling ruines, proud cathedrals, and long lost stories. It will never stop being interesting.

Yes? OK, then we are inflicted with the same type of fever. Welcome!

It started a long time ago, in early childhood: Disney’s Robin Hood movie, still one of my favourites. As a young teenager, watching the Robin of Sherwood BBC series. Reading young adult historical novels by Thea Beckman. These are the seeds of love for medieval history.

Hooked for life.

I even started with a study in Medieval History in college. Unfortunately I could not invest the time in all the – then mandatory – Latin and medieval Latin. Eventually I ended up with a degree in Early Modern History. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed and value my studies. However, now I want to go back to what I truly love.

Medieval Monologues

At Medieval Monologues I will write about exhibitions, castles, daytrips, and historical sites in the Netherlands. On occassion I will travel, and would also like to share these experiences. I also read, and collect, a lot of books and magazines about history and art. All of this enriches my daily life, and gives my life colour. If you know where to look, the medieval world is all around you (not just the internet!).

I chose the name because I like the alliteration. And I consider a blogpost a monologue, with a chance of a dialogue. While writing and editing, it’s just me, and my computerscreen. Only if the blog has readers that comment/like/share etc. there will be a conversation. I’m looking forward to it!

In general you’ll find that I’m interested in a lot of different topics, but here is a random list of favourite topics:

  • illuminated manuscripts
  • British Medieval History (also a very cool Facebook group)
  • Anglo-Saxon era
  • Celtic history
  • the Plantagenets
  • William Marshall
  • Robin Hood (representations)
  • the Viking era
  • daily life in the Middle Ages
  • medievalism – representation of the Middle Ages

With this blog I want to open a window to medieval history for you, as much as to share my adventures. Please be invited to read it, follow it, comment it, and share it.

As in all things in life, this blog is a new adventure for me. Nothing is set in stone yet. In time I might choose to adjust the direction of the blog, but I’ll not stray far from my favorite topics. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy reading the blog, but even more, I hope you enjoy history and art.