Back to university: a new adventure

Yes! This is happening. I’m so excited!

In exploring my options to make the most of my ‘medieval hobby’ I checked several universities with a Medieval studies programme. I ended up choosing between Utrecht or Leiden. A though choice, since Utrecht is my alma mater and I always enjoyed the atmosphere there. However, Leiden offered better opportunities for me to combine it with my parttime dayjob. The University of Leiden is the oldest university in the Netherlands, founded in 1575, and offers a great curriculum in Medieval studies.

When I was first studying for my BA degree, I always contemplated that I would probably be one of ‘those old people who would return to college one day because they can’. And guess what? That’s me now. OK, I’m not thát old (and still pretty cool, off course ;-), but problably will be compared to this generation of college students.

Now, on a more humble note: I decided to start this adventure small. Initially, I had a wild plan to start with a full MA programme. But that asks a lot of commitment, time, commuting, and also money. It would be very taxing next to my dayjob and not a very achievable goal for the moment. So I chose a lighter curriculum.

I will follow a series of contract courses on medieval topics. I will start this semester with a more generic mid level course on Medieval expansion  in Europe. Consider this a test run, just to see if my brain still can handle university level after all this time. Let’s dust off the cobwebs and release the rusty chains first.

In the next semesters I hope to enroll for the courses on Middle English Language and Literature. I really want to understand medieval languages and manuscripts better. This is a part that I did not make the most of during my first time in college, and would really like to make up for it. Off course, I’ve been seeing and reading a lot of medieval history and art over the years. With the blog and these courses I hope to consolidate my love of learning and all this ‘random’ knowledge to a more tangible form.

One of my favourite benefits of attending university again, is full access to the entire collection of the university library, brick and online.
A lot of source material and articles are available on the internet these days, but this opens up a whole new world of possibilities and enables me to start doing better research again.

It feels like a new chance, a dream that actually can happen. I just have to make it happen. So, I will start this semester in February as a student at Leiden University. Yeah!